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Dual cat condo with hammock

44″ New Cat Tree / Cat Condo / Cat Furniture Scratcher -Blue

Here’s a pretty cool cat tree  that features two condos connected by a hammock in the middle. Sisal wrapped posts support the structure and makes for an ideal cat scratching post.

The upper platform can be reached by a set of carpeted stairs with sisal wrapped rungs. It makes for a perfect spot for your cat to sit up high and survey the land. Cats love being up high. It makes them feel safe from all the hustle and bustle of life down below. The two condos on the second story can be reached by another set of stairs.

Placed near a window, this tree/perch/condo makes an ideal lookout for your cat to sit and look outside or catch a nap if he so desires.

Whether for sleep, play or sitting, this tree makes a great piece for your cats furniture collection.

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