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Your cat will sleep soundly in this condo/cat tree

Cats love to feel safe and secure when catching a few zzz’s and there is no better way for a cat to feel safe than to climb up somewhere high, away from all the chaos that tends to happen near the ground. Especially in a multi pet household with small children scurrying about causing all kinds of commotion.

The best thing you can do for your cat is to get him a condo that is  up high. Cats love being above all the raucous. This cat condo/tree gives your cat two high places to take a nap. The fully enclosed 2nd level faux fur covered condo will give him a quiet comfy place to sleep.  Or if he chooses he can climb up even higher and sit on the faux fur covered cat perch so he can survey all the goes on beneath him.

Either way your cat will have a safe place to sleep or just sit and watch all the family commotions that go on beneath him.

Sisal wrapped support posts gives him plenty of places besides your brand new furniture to stretch out his claws and scratch to his hearts content. You all know how much cats LOVE to scratch!


We strive to find products that meet all of your pet furniture needs. We want your pets to feel part of your family and we present you products that do just that.

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