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Outback Savannah Dog House


Here’s a quaint dog house that comes complete with it’s own porch and attractive creme and gray color scheme. The Outback Savannah dog house gives your pup the privacy and personal space he needs. Throw in some house plants and a chaise lounge or two (not to mention a couple of doggy bones) and your dogs got one heck of home to call his own.

In addition to looking awesome, this home is functional. An asphalt shingle roof combined with an overall solid wood construction sealed with a weather resistant coating helps this home withstand the elements. It’s rot and pest resistant with raised adjustable legs to make leveling over uneven surfaces easy and keep the bottom of the home off the ground. It also comes with waterproof leg protectors for added protection. Air vents help promote air circulation and keep the home cool in the summer time.

Give your pup the home he deserves to call his very own!

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