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Your dog wants his own couch, give him an awesome one!

When it comes to relaxing, every dog wants his own place to call his own.  Whether it be a favorite stack of towels that he likes to sleep in or a giant pillow for laying down, his spot makes him feel special.

This leopard print doggy sofa gives him a spot to call his own. Place it in his favorite spot in the house and watch him spend hours napping away feeling all comfy.

No shoo-ing him off this couch. Nope, this is HIS sofa.

Hand made out of strong wood and faux fur fabric. The cushions are made out of a flame retardant foam.

Look for the matching leopard print mini chaise lounger to complete the set.

We strive to find products that meet all of your pet furniture needs. We want your pets to feel part of your family and we present you products that do just that.

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