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Peaked roof red and white rabbit hutch

Rabbit Hutch with Peaked Roof (M), Red/White

This two story red and white rabbit hutch provides dual functionality for your rabbits. The upper level gives him a secluded place to lay down and rest. He can be hidden from view or he can look out the mesh window if he likes.

The lower level run gives him an open space to walk around and get some fresh air. The run is completely wrapped in wire mesh giving him a safe and secure area to just hang out and enjoy the outside.

What I like most about this hutch is the red and white paint scheme. To me, I’m reminded of all those red and white barns in the mid-west. I think it adds an old fashioned barn style country charm to the hutch. This should give your backyard just a lil bit a country style, and who wouldn’t appreciate that?.

Thanks to it’s dual purpose functionality, this red and white rabbit hutch will makes a great home for your pet rabbits.



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