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Glazed pine finish wooden rabbit hutch

Indoor or Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

This beautifully crafted solid wood rabbit hutch from Trixie makes a perfect home for any new pet rabbit.  It’s gorgeous pine glaze finish will make you want to bring it right into your living room.

It’s 2 story design gives your pet his choice of lounging up top for a well deserved nap, or coming down below to get some grub.

Hinged doors for easy access

Indoor or outdoor, this hutch can survive most elements it is faces. The solid wood back panel helps keep your pets protected from wind.

View from the top door.

Both floors  are connected with a non-slip ramp. There’s an interior latched door that can be closed to keep each floor separate.

The roof is hinged to make top access and cleanup easy. It also has multiple hinged front doors giving you easy access to your pets and their food and water.

A plastic pull out tray separating the top and bottom floor gives you easy access for when cleanup time comes.

It’s quick and easy to assemble. Also compatible with Trixie brand outdoor runs.

Overall this rabbit hutch makes a beautiful piece of furniture to put indoors our out and will give you and your pet years of use.

View from the front with all doors open and tray pulled out.




We strive to find products that meet all of your pet furniture needs. We want your pets to feel part of your family and we present you products that do just that.

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