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10 Indoor Rabbit Cages That Won't Clutter Your Home

If keeping your home clean and tidy is important to you, have we got some really cool, space saving indoor rabbit cages for you.

There's nothing more important than a clean, well organized home to make your life a lot less hectic. If you live with kids and animals you know the challenges they present when trying to maintain your homes cleanliness.


Rabbits in particular pose a greater challenge because you can't just let them free roam your living room. At some point you're gonna need to get them a cage. And if you live in an area where the temperatures are too cold in the winter to keep that hutch outside, you're gonna need an indoor rabbit cage. And there lies the potential problem.


But don't worry. Keeping an indoor rabbit cage doesn't necessarily mean letting your home become an unorganized filthy mess. The rabbit cage below are just the perfect size for your home. They're small enough that keeping them and the area around them clean is very manageable. But not so small that your rabbits are unable to move around.


Give these cages a look and find the one that fits your home and your rabbits needs perfectly. 

Don't Forget To Pick Up Some Cool Accessories For Your New Rabbit Cage!

Living World Deluxe Habitat


Here's a cool cage that will make any small animals day. Whether you need a home for your rabbit, gerbil or guinea pig,  your small pet will make himself at home in this deluxe pet habitat


ROCKEVER Rabbit Cage Wood with Run


This charming light blue indoor rabbit cage combines rustic charm with real world sensibilities. It's compact size  makes a perfect addiction to any smaller size home where space may be an issue. Pick one up and give it a try. Your rabbits will thank you.


4-Level Indoor Small Animal Rabbit Cage

This multi story wheeled rabbit cage is a great space saving hutch that fits perfectly in any small home. Featuring a multitude of ramps and levels, your bunny has his choice of elevation to hang out and relax the lazy day away.


Simple Yet Homey


Here's another space saving rabbit hutch that's petite in size. Perfect for your petite bunny or small animal. Features a roll out tray to help make clean up quick and simple. Multiple doors give you easy access. Wheels let you wheel it away to another room at your leisure. Pick one up today.




Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation


This sturdy cage rolls along nicely on 4 wheels. Features plenty of doors for easy access inside. Your rabbit will feel perfectly at home here.


A Fun and Affordable Hutch



This rabbit cage will fit perfectly in your smaller sized home. Perfect for 1 or 2 bedroom apartments, this cage will make one lucky rabbit very happy. Not to mention a very happy owner.


AmazonBasics Small Animal Cage Habitat With Accessories


This portable rabbit cage is great for your traveling pet. Just load him up and take off to where ever your heart desires. Or if you want to stay home and be a couch potato, you can do that to knowing full well that your small critter is comfortable in his cozy home.


Ferplast Krolik Rabbit Cage


Here's a fun bunny cage your furry friends will love. It features a wooden hideaway in case he wants to get some much needed privacy. Your indoor rabbit will love this habitat. Makes a perfect addition to your home.




Yaheetech 37/52-inch Metal Ferret Chinchilla Cage Indoor Outdoor Small Animals Cage



Here's a really cool multi level wheeled rabbit cage. Features ramps that connect each level, giving your bunny his choice of vantage points to view out. Place it next to a window to give him something to look at. Perfect for multi rabbit homes. And it's built tall so it won't take up  too much space in your home. All in all this is a great indoor rabbit cage that you'll want in your home.




MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Deluxe Rabbit Home Kit

This rabbit cage starter set has everything you need to get your adventure started. It's the perfect size for an apartment or condo. It comes with water bottle, hay feeder, and elevated feeding level. A deep base will keep the floor under neath it extra clean.


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