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5 Large Chicken Coops You Can Buy Online Right Now

If you're in the market for a large size chicken coop and want it shipped to you, give these coops a look.


One great thing about buying large items online is that you don't have to worry about carrying the huge thing back to your home. This is especially true when you're shopping for a chicken coop. Especially a large size chicken coop.


Why go through the hassle of having to rent or borrow a truck, go to a store with a limited supply of chicken coops to choose from and then have to load it on to your truck and drive it home. Why go through all this when all you have to do is shop online and have it delivered to your front door.


But why buy a chicken coop online? Here's a few good reasons.


Benefits to buying your large chicken coop online

  • You don't have to find a way to get it home from your local store, especially  if that store doesn't offer delivery.
  • If you've got a bad back, you definitely don't want to be lifting something as heavy as a chicken coop.
  • Shopping online gives you a huge selection to choose from, a luxury you don't have when shopping at your local store
  • It's easy and hassle free.


I've made it easy for you to buy the large chicken coop of your dreams. I've assembled a few good sized coops down below.


Don't Forget To Get Accessories For Your Chicken Coop

Maximum Protection from Predators

A suitable backyard coop offers your birds a place to shelter away from predators. A sturdy ramp offers quick access to the outside world. Built in windows gives you plenty of air circulation. 

Overall dimensions 55.5" L X 35" w X 34" H

Removable tray slides out easy to make clean up a breeze. 3 removable roofs give you easy access to the inside to clean or whatever your needs for entering the coop. 

Don't let your chickens get eaten by wolves. You NEED this chicken coop NOW!


  • Large size
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy assembly

An Attractive Coop your Chickens will Love!


Here's a coop that will look great in your backyard. With an attractive country style this coop provides your birds with enough room to maintain a happy and healthy life. With an elevated house, nesting box, and large enclosed run, this coop has it all. 

You and your birds will love this attractive future home! What are you waiting for? 


  • Large coop with plenty of room 
  • Built with your birds comfort in mind
  • Sturdy construction to withstand the outdoor elements


Roomy, Sylish and above all Affordable

Your Pets Imperial Double Savoy Coop is a by word for quality. The Double Savoy Chicken coop 4ft 9"(W) x 3ft 3"(D) x 3ft 1"(H), has been designed to further enhance it's outstanding, awesome, fantastic build quality. Now is your chance, to keep chickens in a secure and safe environment in your garden which is easily cleaned, maintained and will last for years.


  • Dimensions incl nest box (approx): 4ft 9"(W)x 3ft 3"(D)x 3ft 1"(H)
  • Galvanised metal pull-out tray for very easy cleaning. Suitable for up to 10 birds depending on size.
  • Made from animal friendly treated timber, designed to last for years. Totally Fox and Coyote proof.
  • Two nest boxes with 6 compartments and four perches. Feet of Coop covered by rot free adjustable plastic cap.
  • Comes flat packed, supplied in two boxes which maybe delivered separaterly. Requires assembly, clear instructions



House up to 15 Chickens

OverEZ Large Chicken Coop (Houses up to 15 Chickens)

Here's a great looking chicken coop that's got an assortment of amenities. Not only that but it is large enough to house 15 chickens. With it's unique country style look, this coop will look great on your land. It will protect your chickens from the weather and predators.


  • This house cage comes with two large nesting boxes and four lockable doors (2 for the run & 2 for the coop)
  • This spacious chicken house can comfortably hold up to 15 chickens
  • The chicken cage provides a safe and secure pet cage to raise chickens, it has lockable hinged nesting box roofs for easy access
  • 2 screened windows giving your chickens fresh air
  • Easy to assemble built by Amish trained craftsmen.
  • Touch up paint included


Easy to Put Together

This spacious coop can house up to 4-6 hens and 6-12 large bantams. This coop is fairly well ventilated the house is made out of the same plastic as outdoor children's playhouses.  Click the image to find out more information as well as reviews from people who bought this coop in the past. 


    • LARGE CHICKEN COOP - 4 nesting spots with removable dividers, three 36” roosts.
    • STURDY - Water and chemical resistant, impact and ultraviolet resistant.
    • MAINTENANCE FREE - Removable litter tray, large adjustable ventilation, easy access for egg collection.
    • EASY ASSEMBLY - No tools required – just snap together. Lightweight!
    • MADE IN USA - Built in the United States.