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8 Large Dog Houses Your Big Dogs Will love

Big dogs need a big house. Here are 8 large size dog houses roomy enough to fit your big furry friends.


Got a big dog in need of a big house? Keep reading.

Big dogs need a big house. No dog wants to lay in a hot, tiny, cramped enclosure. You get claustrophobic and so does your dog. Don't put him through that. Get him a large dog house built just for their large bodies



Don't Forget To Get  A Dog Bed For Your New Dog House

Do your furry best friend a long over due favor and get him the large dog house he's been dreaming about his entire life. I've put together 8 of the coolest dog houses built just for them. These homes are built to withstand outdoor extreme weather conditions, protecting your dogs from the cold and wet of winter, or hot stifling summer months.


Take a look and spoil your pup with one of these really cool large dog houses built for your large pup.

Rustic Charm Your Large Dog Will Love


Bring rustic charm to your dogs life with this attractively styled dog house. Lay a big plush bed on the spacious front porch and let your friend nap his lazy days away. The entire structure is raised up off the ground, keeping it protected from the cold and rain.  Large enough to handle larger breed dogs, this house has all the amenities your large dog could possibly want.

Worried about the outside weather? Don't be because it's durable composite roof shingles protect the house from rain, wind and snow, while it's solid fir and cedar wood is coated with a safe non-toxic sealant, keeping it protected from the extremes.

Don't wait, order one today before they sell out.


A Cool Dog House For A Cool Dog

Click image to see more pics of this cool dog house.

Here's a cool 2 door dog house with a porch. You dogs can lay out on those hot summer days basking in the coolness of his shaded porch. Lay out a huge bowl of water with some ice cubes to really make his day.


Don't worry about your big dogs fitting inside. This comes in a large size that should fit your hefty friend just fine. Fits 2 smaller dogs or one really lucky big dog. But don't take my word for it. Click the image to see more pics.


Takes about 30 minutes to put this house together. Or 3 hours if your dog gets involved and tries to help.


A House To Keep Your Dog Cool In The Summer And Warm In The Winter


This weather proof double walled dog house keeps your pups cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Adjustable vents give your dogs the proper ventilation they need to prevent stuffiness and malaise.

It's built from heavy duty construction plastic, complete with fade resistant color providing UV protection. It's easy to clean and big enough for large breeds. A removable roof makes cleanup a breeze.

Interior dimensions are 7 ¾” H x 27 ¼” W x 36 ½” L.

If you need a large dog house that can withstand whatever weather you throw at it, this is the one for you. But hurry because they are selling fast.


For The Dog Who Always Wanted To Live In An Igloo


This heavy duty igloo style dog house insulates your dogs from the heat and cold. An offset doorway shields your pets from the rain. Roof top vents help bring in fresh air, keeping the inside fresh and clean. 

Raised floors and side gutters drains away water, keeping your dog dry and safe from mold. Speaking of which Microban Antimicrobial Protection prevents stain and odor causing bacteria.

If you or your dog always wanted to own an igloo, this house is perfect for you both. 

Dimensions 43.8" x 34" x 25.8"


A Strong And Sturdy All-Weather Home For Your Pup


Never worry about bad weather again. This heavy duty plastic built, water resistant home resists fading, rust, and disgusting rot ensuring that it will last in most tough conditions. Worried about putting it together? Don’t be because building is super easy with it’s snap together design.  You don’t even need a tool. Want to take it with you on a long trip? Just de-snap it and load it on your car. Super simple. 

And size isn’t an issue here. This home is built for dogs up to 70 lbs. 


A Portable Dog Home Perfect For The Traveling Pooch



If portability is important to you, you're gonna love this A-frame canopy roof, made out of something called oxford fabric mech cloth. What that means is it's easy to clean and very light. You and your dog can fold it up and take it with you on those day trips to the beach.

Dimensions: 51.2 by 40.6 by 33.5 inches (LxWxH); weighs 19.8 pounds

Big enough for large dogs, this house is raised up off the ground keeping it dry and away from the drafty ground. This house is perfect for the traveling pooch.



Spoil Your Dog With This Home

This large insulated wooden dog habitat will keep your pup comfortable no matter what season it is. With walls that are 150% thicker than other kennels (according to the manufacturer) your furry friend won’t have a problem with comfort in this home. The removable floor is supported by two rails that can hold up to 154 lbs. A flip up roof gives you easy access to the inside for clean up. What dog or human wouldn’t want this cool dog house.

Dimensions: 3ft 8" (W) x 2ft 5" (D) x 2ft 7" (H)


A Front Porch Your Dog Will Spend Hours Napping On

How often does a dog house come with it’s very own front porch. This two door cabin style large size dog house has two individual rooms on the inside. Complete with a window giving your pup a view outside and roof that opens up giving you access to all parts of the interior living space, you and your dogs will love this home. A slide out bottom tray makes cleaning all the easier. 

Imagine how cool your dog will look sitting on his very own front porch, laying in the sun, napping those warm summer days away. He’ll love you forever. 

What are you waiting for? Get one of these for your dogs already!


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Well there you have it. 8 really cool large size dog houses that will look great in your backyard and keep your dogs warm and dry during winter, and cool and crisp during summer. Spoil your dog right now with one of those awesome dog houses neither one of you will want to live without.