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Litter box concealment made easy

Merry Pet Cat Washroom/Night Stand Pet House, White

No one enjoys staring at an unsightly box of litter, especially one that hasn’t been cleaned as often as it should have, so why have it out in full view of potential guests?

Hide your cats litter box in the Merry Pet Products cat washroom night stand. It’s built like a night stand for you and me but inside sits a compartment that hides your cats litter box perfectly.

It opens up in the front for when it comes time to change your cats litter and features a front entryway to allow your cat easy access in and out of his bathroom. Stainless steel metal fixtures like door knob and towel rack make this night stand an essential piece in your cats furniture collection.

Place it in the bathroom, garage, living room, anywhere you like and never have to worry about grossing out your friends the next time they come over for coffee and crumbcakes.

New From: $73.27 USD In Stock

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