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Couch Potato 101: As Taught By 10 Of The Laziest Dogs You’ll Ever Meet

laziest dogs around

What can some of the laziest dogs on the internet teach us about becoming world class couch potatos? Plenty!

Everybody knows dogs and couches go together like peanut butter and jelly. So when it comes to learning how to be a couch potato, one need look no further than your 4 legged friends. They’re full of tricks and tips to help us learn how to sit on our butts all day doing absolutely nothing.

Here are 10 pictures featuring some of the laziest dogs in the world. If they don’t inspire you to spend the entire day vegging out on your couch, nothing will.

You also might consider getting your pup a dog couch made specifically for him. You’ll never have to worry about Fido cramping your style again. Check out some of these really cool dog couches.

Unless of course you enjoy spooning with him, bad breath and all.










And last but certainly not least…


The Pet Furniture Store Couch Potato 101: As Taught By 10 Of The Laziest Dogs You’ll Ever Meet
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