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68 Gallon Square Coffee Table Aquarium, Fish Ready with Light and Filter


Product Description

This auction is for a brand new set of 68-gallon square coffee table aquarium, with pumps, lights, and filter system all built inside the aquarium. Please note the major advantages of our table aquariums over our competitor’s: 1). The tank body and table top of our aquarium are made of glass, not acrylic, so you do not scratch them so easily as you do with acrylic ones when you clean; 2). Unlike our competition, our lighting fixtures are pre-mounted below the glass table top are designed smartly so that the lights only emitted toward the tank, not toward your eyes. 3). Our table aquariums all have included pumps hidden inside the columns, so you don’t have to put a view-blocking filter or pump in the middle of the tank. Table aquarium puts you in a truly sit-back-and-relax mode after a long day from your work. Built-in ecological filtration system let you enjoy your aquatic animals and plants virtually care-free year long. Extra sockets inside columns enable you to plug in your heater, air pump, or other accessories without being noticed. LED lights on separate switches not only give your aquatic lives sufficient lighting but also aesthetical enjoyment. Dimension 39″L x 39″W x 21″H. You can come pickup, or we can help ship to you. Shipping to most cities in mainland USA is only $195. For accurate shipping rate quote, please provide your zip code. There is only one color left: black. Please indicate your color choice when order. If you are a New York State resident, we cannot sell to you directly because Aqua Vim has already had many dealers in NYS. Please buy this from your local dealer.


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