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A rabbit hutch with an attic, yes an attic

Your small pets will feel extra small in this XL rabbit hutch from TRIXIE’s. This two story designed hutch even comes complete with attic, giving you added storage space and extra insulation.

Non slip ramps connect each of the floors, giving your rabbits the opportunity to go up and down as he pleases.

Solid wood paneling with a glazed finish gives this hutch an appealing country design that will great in your backyard. The wood paneling also serves to protect your animals from the elements. The upper level features an enclosed retreat giving your pets the option of going inside should it get to cold for him.

A hinged roof gives you easy access to the top level making clean up a breeze. There is also a pull out tray under the top level to aid in maintenance. Two locking doors on the lower level give you an added entry way into the hutch.

This hutch makes a great addition to any rabbit owners family of pets.



We strive to find products that meet all of your pet furniture needs. We want your pets to feel part of your family and we present you products that do just that.

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