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A fine home for your feisty ferrets

Here’s a home that’s perfect for the feisty ferret in your life. Complete with ramps, shelves and even a cozy hammock, this ferret home is sure to take the feistiness out of even the feistiest of ferrets. Offers plenty of room for your pets to run around and play, climb, jump and engage in all the rambunctiousness that makes these pets popular.

A cozy hammock comes included and provides a great way to wind down a day of play. Two large escape proof doors provide easy access. A shelf underneath gives you added storage for food or toys. Entire home sits on wheels, providing for an ease of mobility. Just wheel it around to where ever you wanna take it. Black hammertone finish gives it a stylish look.

Overall, a great home for the feisty ferret in your life.




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