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Top 10 Bunny Houses/Cages Your Bunnies Won't Want To Live Without (Product Guide)

If you're looking to buy a bunny in the near future, or you just adopted one recently, these are the top 10 bunny houses/cages you'll want to put on your to buy list

Cool outdoor hutches like this are awaiting you are your rabbits.

So you just adopted your new bunny or you are thinking of adopting one in the coming year? Well if this is you, you're not going to want to miss out on our list of the top 10 bunny houses/cages you need to consider for your new furry friend. These bunny homes each come with an assortment of amenities to keep your rabbits safe from predators. 


So without further interruption, here is our list of the top 10 bunny houses/cages to buy .

The Hutch Your Rabbit Always wanted

Your rabbits will love this spacious 2 story rabbit hutch.  This hutch is a great way to safely shelter an animal from the elements. Grown in government controlled, sustainable forests, these shelters are constructed from durable Cypress Fir which is naturally decay and rot resistant. 


A plastic no leak tray line the bottom level, making your cleanup a breeze. This hutch will look great in your backyard.


A Two Story Rabbit Hutch your Bunny will Love!

If double decker rabbit hutches are your thing, you and your bunnies will love this two story weatherproof hutch. They know rabbit hutches and they’ve built a great one here. 


Made of durable non toxic materials that are pet safe, you can sleep in comfort knowing your rabbits are safe from harm in this cool cage. It’s a perfect starter kit for those of you just starting your friendships with your new furry friends. 


This attractive hutch is waiting for you and your bunnies. Pick one up today while they are still in stock, which won’t be long. 




Extra Large Rabbit House

This large hutch has everything your bunny could want in a hutch. 2 ramps lead from the bottom open air run to a cozy house on top perfect for napping or daydreaming those lazy summer days away. Ah the bunny life. 

Plenty of doors give you lots of access for cleanup. In fact cleanup is super easy with the pull out tray under the 2nd level home. What more could you ask for? 

Hurry and pick up one of these awesome hutches before they sell out!


Spoil Your Bunny With This Large Outdoor Wooden Rabbit Hutch

Outdoor rabbit hutch

This is the rabbit hutch you and your rabbits need in their lives right now. It's large and in charge with makes it the ideal hutch for those hefty rabbits.

What makes it great for you? How bout a removable bottom wire netting and PVC layer that makes clean up a breeze. It also prevents unwanted predators from coming in from the ground. Sleep sound knowing your furry friends are safe from predators. Oh and did I mention a removable pull out tray that will not leak?

Perfect size for 2-3 bunnies or other small animals. What are you waiting for? Click the button below for more info such as price and specifications.





Outdoor Pet House/Rabbit Hutch Habitat with Run

Here's the perfect outdoor playpen for you furry pals. Give your friends a place to run around and get some much needed exercise. It's not so big that it will take up your entire yard either. It fits perfectly in a small to mid size yard.

Mesh wire screens keep out predators, keeping your animals safe and secure.

3 easy access doors open up to give you plenty of access just in case you need to go inside and clean.  The large main living area comes with a removable tray making floor clean up a breeze.

Spoil your rabbit with this cool hutch/run now!






Bunny Hutch for Rabbits and Other Small Animals

This two story bunny hutch protects adorable little bunnies from both the elements and predators. When they’re done playing outside in your backyard and are ready to go to bed, take comfort knowing that they’ll be safe and secure in this hutch.


A rain resistant top will keep your bunnies warm and dry during those cold, wet winter nights. It also comes with plastic trays for simple easy cleaning and multiple doors giving you easy access. 


If you’re interested in purchasing this hutch, click the button below or the image for more info.


Large Wooden Outdoor Bunny Rabbit Hutch


Here’s a really cool hutch that’s not too big, not too small, makes for a perfect home for your bunny friends. It’s spacious enough for them to roam but cozy enough for them to catch a bunny nap. 


Made of fir wood and painted with a non-toxic safe for pets' pain, this durable  hutch will last for years to come. This pain will keep it safe from the sun and is waterproof too. 


Like most hutches, the little raised house features a pull out tray to make cleaning up all the easier for the human. The wire mesh fencing will also keep your rabbits safe from dangerous predators.  





Good Things Come in Small Packages

This sturdy compact hutch is perfect for small yards or if you have a porch. It’s got a wire mesh enclosure on the bottom with a ramp that leads up to the house on the top. Perfect for giving your rabbit a cozy little hideaway. 

3 lockable doors prevent dangerous predators from entering, keeping your rabbits safe and secure. 

Don’t wait too long. This cool rabbit hutch will be gone before you know it. Click below for more info. 


Wooden Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

This indoor/outdoor rabbit run gives your rabbits all the space he needs to run around safely, free from the threat of any predator that might try to harm it.  It’s low footprint design perfectly fits smaller spaced yards. 

A small wire run gives your animal a place to graze. An inner enclosure can be shut for when its time to take your pet on whatever travels he needs to partake


Hurry before they sell out!


Tudor Living For Your Bunnies


Here’s a really cool Tutor style double level rabbit hutch. You don’t see them like this one very often. It’s unique style will make your rabbi the talk of all the rabbits in his neighborhood. 


Easy access ramps connects the upper and lower level. Pull out trays on both levels help make cleanup all the easier. 


Feel secure in knowing that your rabbits will be safe from the harsh elements in both summer and winter. Not only the weather, but they’ll be safe from predators also. This cool hutch has it all!


What are you waiting for? This one won’t last long.